Laura Sabin Cabanillas shares from her heart, out of her own personal brokenness. A self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser, Laura often weaves this common theme into many of her messages; stop living your life for everyone else, and start living the life God created you for!  She’ll make you think, make you laugh and make you stop and take notice of the empowering grace that God wants to give you in your daily life. Through her own passion, humorous stories, and biblical insights, you’ll rediscover a love and a passion for God, for others, and for living. Her engaging approach has put her before audiences of women, youth, and couples across the country.

To inquire about having Laura speak for your group, email: [email protected]

See what event planners and ministry leaders have to say about Laura as a speaker:

“It’s my privilege to recommend Laura Sabin Cabanillas to you. I have known her for more than two decades. As her pastor for 18 years, I watched her endure some of life’s greatest hurts with a growing sense of God’s grace and presence. At the same time, Laura is growing as a communicator. Her passion to serve Christ and help hurting people will shine through her well-collected thoughts and ideas. She will be biblically centered and humbly point people to Christ as the answer to their greatest needs.”
Samuel G. Norris
Senior Pastor, Stone Ridge Church
Yuma, AZ

“I have had the opportunity to hear Laura speak on several different occasions, and I can highly recommend her expertise as a speaker in a Christian arena. I find Laura to be delightful, engaging, and a godly woman who exudes energy and sunshine… I believe that God has gifted Laura.”
Diane Larson Lippard
President, Christian Business Women’s Association
Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve rarely encountered a speaker who presents with the energy and vitality that Laura has. She is engaging, humorous, transparent… real!” 
Beth Hancock
East Valley Bible Church
Director of Women’s Ministries
Gilbert, AZ

“I highly recommend to you supercharged author and speaker, Laura Sabin Cabanillas. She will help you “plug in” to Jesus, and your life will be exhilarated by His powerful presence.”
Lynn D. Morrissey
Founder of Noteworthy Living, Inc.
Author and Speaker
St. Louis, MO

“We have conducted many great conferences here at Glen Eyrie over the years but none have had a greater impact on the attendees than Laura’s. So many women’s lives were affected in a positive way for our Lord. We are excited to have her back!” 
Mike McNamee
Director of Programs
Glen Eyrie Conference Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Speaking Topics

All of Laura’s presentations can be adapted to fit any of your program needs. Every theme can be shared in a single presentation, or expanded into several presentations to accommodate all-day conferences or weekend retreats. To inquire about these topics, or another you may be interested in having Laura address for your group, email: [email protected]

Blue Jean Friendships

A good friendship, like a good pair of jeans, just gets better with time. But, just like your favorite blue jeans get rips, tears, and frayed edges from a lot of wear, so can your friendships get worn out if you don’t take good care of them. This fun seminar not only takes a peek into the importance of having faithful friends, but will equip you to repair frayed friendships, encourage you to build durable friendships, and empower you with ideas for fortifying all of your friendships, old and new. So that just like your favorite pair of blue jeans, you can keep them forever. 
(A great theme for a “girls night out” event; have everyone wear her favorite pair of jeans!)

Faith Infusion

Does your faith feel weak at times? Do you need a faith infusion? Infusion is the process of steeping or soaking something in a substance long enough to take on the flavor, color, or character of the substance. What are you soaking in? The world, or the Word? Are you taking on the character of the world we live in, or the one who created it? In this powerful seminar, you will find out how to strengthen your faith, and how to protect it from cheap imitations. Time for a faith infusion!

The Anchor of Hope

What do you do when life drowns you in disappointment, anxiety, sorrow, and fear? You get anchored in to the one who can calm the storm! Learn how to adopt HOPE as a core belief that creates a framework for thinking, and in turn shapes the choices you make every day. Choices that lead to healing. Choices that foster faith. Choices that invite love. Choices that produce resilience. Choices that will put you on a well-charted course for your life, a course that leads to a life of security and peace, no matter what storm is on the horizon. “We have this hope, as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

Extravagant Love

Of all the commandments Jesus gave us, there is one that trumps them all – to LOVE. Love is the one thing that Jesus said is more important than anything else we can do with our lives, that’s why it’s called the “greatest commandment”. Extravagant love sets us apart as followers of Christ. Simple to understand, not always easy to do. This seminar will recharge you, and inspire you with practical and fresh ways to love God, love others, and love yourself, extravagantly! 

Trio of Treasure

This seminar is a combination of the above three presentations on Faith, Hope, and Love. This makes a great three-part series for a conference or weekend retreat. Discover how faith, hope, and love work together to create a life of power and purpose for every believer!

Every Woman’s Wardrobe: God’s Armor

Women and fashion go together like hand in glove; so does life and its struggles. At times, life can be like one giant battlefield! While most women spend a considerable amount of time building a wardrobe in order to dress for business success, we neglect to dress for spiritual success. Using Ephesians 6 as a springboard, Laura identifies six ways that the enemy of our souls attempts to disable and destroy Christians, by stripping them of their spiritual wardrobe. In turn, you will be equipped with six daily defenses to combat the enemy’s attacks. Clothe yourself in the armor of God – the wardrobe no woman should be without.

Rooted in Peace

Everyone wants to live in peace. But we do not live in a peaceful world. Fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame – like weeds in a garden, the stressors of life, hurtful experiences, and painful emotions can take root, growing and spreading until they choke out the vibrant life God intended for us. Learn how to get to the root of what kills your joy and threatens your faith, and start tending to your spiritual garden. Based on John 14:27, Laura, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, uses the foundational strength of Scripture to plant seeds of truth, the healing power of laughter to shower your spirit with humor, and like rays of sunshine, illuminates your mind with practical tips and techniques for growing in peace.
(This works great with a garden décor theme as a weekend retreat or women’s conference.)

Don’t Go Back to Egypt: Healing from Abusive Relationships

National current statistics state that 1 in every 3 women is the victim of abuse during her lifetime. Abuse is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person, and abuse comes in many forms: emotional, verbal, physical,sexual, and spiritual.
Laura, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, will help you understand how you can help victims escape the devestation of abuse and experience healing. Paralleling the Israelites flight from Egypt, and all of the turmoil that surrounded their escape from a life of bondage, this seminar will equip you from both a Christian and a clinical perspective to bring hope to the oppressed. Laura blends insightful information with powerful true life stories of survivors, including her own. Learn how to help yourself, or someone you know, heal from the devastating effects of abuse and move toward the hope of a love that heals, and into the “promised land”.
“You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence, please call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Lifesavers for Single Moms

The number of single parents is on the rise, and the task of raising children alone can leave a mother feeling like she’s drowning in a sea of overwhelming demands. Drawing on her own experience as a former single mother, Laura will show you how to recognize and grab onto the physical, emotional and spiritual lifesavers God sends your way. You will come away feeling refreshed and revitalized, and you will be practically equipped with ways to help your kids thrive in a single parent home.

By the Light of a Single Star: The Hope of Christmas

Let the holiday season come alive for you as it did for the wise men of old, who followed the star to the Savior that very first Christmas. Discover how the principle of the power of that single star can shed light on your life, so that you may embrace the hope of the season, not only at Christmas, but all year round!
(This is a special Christmas presentation, recommended for holiday-themed events.)

To inquire about these topics, or another you may be interested in having Laura address for your group, email: [email protected]