The ABC’s Of Character

Written by Laura Sabin Cabanillas
Illustrated by Sebastian

The ABC’s of Character is a children’s book that instructs and gently guides children into a position of strong moral character by using the alphabet as a springboard. A different virtue for every letter is reinforced by rhyme, solidified through Scripture, and driven home with fun, hands-on activities that will both delight and educate children into becoming kids of godly character.

The ABC’s of Character is not just for your children’s home book collection, but makes a great tool for homeschool teachers, as well as supplementary curriculum for Christian pre-schools and church pre-school programs!

All Mothers are Working Mothers

Written by Laura Sabin Cabanillas (published under Laura Sabin Riley)

Whether asked of a career woman with children or a stay-at-home mom, the answer is obviously “yes.” The parallels between the two are not all that remote. Both have job benefits, working hours and on-the-job training. Even though society doesn’t always recognize their importance, stay-at-home moms have a job description designed by the Creator Himself. All stay-at-home mother of newborns to school-age children will appreciate the insightful scriptural applications for daily situations- both humorous and horrible–all served with lots of encouragement, joy and love.


“Laura’s book is a thoughtful and helpful tool for managing the stresses of life and parenting.”

Rick Warren
Pastor, Saddleback Valley Community Church, Lake Forest, CA
Author, The Purpose Driven Life