Sometimes it’s good to do things differently. To shake it up a bit. Variety keeps us growing, evolving, developing, maturing. Change can be challenging, but it can also be stimulating. September 2013, one year ago this month, I decided to challenge myself by starting this blog, and my first entry, Living in God’s Backyard, was all about change. It was a big step for me. Although I am a published author, and am used to exposing my thoughts and ideas in writing, putting myself out there on the internet somehow felt really vulnerable. The world wide web. ANYONE can read my blog. I had to consider, do I really want anyone and everyone inside my head? And then I thought, why not?  When you believe in something as passionately as I do, you want to share it with the world. HOPE.

I wanted to get this post out much earlier in the month, with it being the blog’s one-year anniversary and all. But the month started off with a curveball called pneumonia. It’s challenging to write when you can’t even breathe. Did you know that pneumonia is contagious? Neither did I! But you know what else is contagious? HOPE! So help me spread it like wildfire – let’s start a hope epidemic. I have come to love this blog. I look forward to the challenge each month of finding a new way to linguistically illustrate the power of hope. The desire of my heart is that the words you have come to find on this site have brought hope to your heart in some way. Thank you for reading; my readers add fuel to my creative fire!

So this month, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of my blog, I would like to do something different. Instead of me telling you what gives me hope, I would like to pay tribute to you, the reader, and ask you to share with the world what gives you hope. It’s your turn.

What gives you hope?

Be a hope whisperer; it’s as simple as clicking on the “comments” button below to fill in the blank. Go ahead, the world is waiting.

Hope whispers, _____________________________.

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